The true life food blog of a home cook, self-proclaimed foodie, vino obsessed, pump wearing diva; who shows her LOVE through her food.

About Me

With a glass of cab in my hand, I sat down to write a paragraph about me . . .the 1st thing that comes to mind was a sentence a close friend put in a cookbook she had given to me as a gift which states, “To my good friend, who always shows her Love through her cooking.” During times of chaos and stress, like most I seek comfort through food. But my comfort lies within food preparation and serving others; this gives me an avenue to express my love and appreciation for all in my life. Things are always good while sipping on vino, sharing a dish and enjoying ones company.

Over the years I have been planning BBQs, ladies nights, and old school cookouts; always dressed to the nine, rocking a new pair of pumps, all along sipping on some vino while ensuring my guests were content, full and enjoying themselves. When I think about it, this Foodie Diva has been around since high school. For me food and fashion go hand and hand, got to look good while presenting some finger licking good food! Developing recipes has become a passion of mine. My recipes consist of a lil bit of this and a lil bit of that . . . .So this blog will a bit of insight to my foodie diva world and recipes. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy! Cheers!


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