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Tocino Style BBQ Chicken


My Hubby is half Filipino and half African-American.  Though his taste for Filipino food is limited to the more Americanized foods such as lumpia and pancit, I was super excited to dive into the different flavors of this culture. Not to far ... Read More

Steak Tartare


A few months ago we went to a local restaurant and bar in our downtown area. Just wanting appetizers we ordered the steak tartare. I have had steak tartare before but Damn this was da bomb! We loved the anchovies and the hint of lemon flavor!... Read More

Spam Musubi


My daughter is developing her own food addictions, and funny thing is she loves spam. She loves salt and meat so I guess this is her way of enjoying the two. Musubi is a popular snack which can be found in Hawaii.  We began researching how t... Read More

Loaded Kimchi Fried Rice


Over the years I became embracing other culture’s cuisines and that comes very easy when I have a very diverse circle of friends. As I have said before I kind of have an Asian food addiction.  I had a girlfriend who use to make some bo... Read More

Carne Asada Street Tacos and Radish Slaw


It’s Taco Tuesday at our home tonight!!! The one dinner item I can get everyone to agree on is tacos but of course the toppings are a debatable issue. I like it spicy, son likes it simple, daughter likes it spicy and loaded up, and Hubby li... Read More

Oven Roasted Lemon Herb Chicken


Sunday is the best day to cook. Though Sunday is a rest day that is when I do my best cooking. My mind is at ease and there is no other work to be done but relaxation. I can wake up early go to the store, prep my dinner and relax. Oven roaste... Read More

Smokey Paprika Shrimp

IMG_6575 I was asked a while ago by my very close friend’s daughter to make a simple shrimp recipe. I thought yes I can do that but turns out most my recipes and my thought process are nothing but simple. Here is the deal; life is complicated... Read More

Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip


If I could eat whatever I want without limitations, one of the top things on my list is cheese and bread! Oh how I love thee! My brother in law makes a bomb spinach dip, that we always enjoy but I love hot gooey ooeey dips also. A warm piece ... Read More

Boudin Balls with Cajun Remoulade Sauce


 I know I know the title seems weird but like always there is a story to go with the recipe. We had some friends from New Orleans; every year though they lived locally they would go back home for a visit. I would listen and ... Read More

Smoked Whole Chicken



Excitedly I received a smoker grille with side barrel for Mother’s Day, lol after a bit of persistence. Hubby decided to tackle the task of putting the smoker together. He probably wishes he had not bought it or maybe even put it together... Read More