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Smoked Whole Chicken



Excitedly I received a smoker grille with side barrel for Mother’s Day, lol after a bit of persistence. Hubby decided to tackle the task of putting the smoker together. He probably wishes he had not bought it or maybe even put it together... Read More

Shallot Vinaigrette


The promotion of making your own salad dressings continues! In our household, I try to make these dressings once a week because we eat salads almost daily. My kids have always consumed salads, and finally are beginning to move away from the R... Read More

Prawn Deviled Eggs


After hearing a close friend of mine was going carb free in preparation for her wedding, I got super excited trying to figure out different carb free/almost free dishes I could serve for her bridal shower. Between friends, family and myself t... Read More

Black Eye Pea Summer Salad


Black eye peas get no love!!! These tasty little morsels are great for a number of dishes, not only for good luck on New Years! Every year it is a tradition of mine (an my Mom), and many other folk, to make traditional soul black eye peas the... Read More

Garlic Balsamic Vinaigrette


Store bought dressings are good, but homemade ones are sooooo much better! Fresh ingredients, more options, and more to our own individual likely. I love balsamic; I think it is the best vinegar out there. This recipe is very simple and can b... Read More

Homemade Salad Croutons


Clearly, we can all buy croutons from the grocery store! But if you have a French loaf laying around, that you did not use for the spaghetti dinner the night before or you want to impress your guests this is a great and easy recipe to try. I ... Read More

Cheesy Leftover Chicken Dip


I come from a very diverse background; long story short I was adopted by my stepfather many years ago who happens to be of the Caucasian persuasion. His side of the family loves two main things . . .Chocolate and Cheese, oh but not together. ... Read More

SBlT (Salmon Bacon Lettuce and Tomato)


Yummy Yummy!! This was a fun recipe! Since I got a new smoker for Mother’s Day, the 1st thing that came to mind was smoking fish! We love Salmon in our household, and this is one sea lover’s treat the entire household can enjoy... Read More

Lemon Pepper Kale Chips


Ok y’all this is a recipe that I use when I’m on my crazy healthy mood! At times we all feel the bulge and though we need to make some changes, it’s hard. These kale chips are packed with flavor and a great healthy snack to ... Read More

Spicy Garlic Ginger Asian Crab‏


I have a few food obsessions to say the least. Two of my top obsessions are Asian cuisine and seafood. Another Foodie Diva, my ma, raised me. We are from the east coast so Crab is breakfast, lunch or dinner. Last Dungeness crab season I was o... Read More